Warehouse and Bus Cleaner

Warehouse and Bus Cleaner

Cold Shot is an affordable bus and freight service that has been in Alberta since 2005. Based in Edmonton, we are now Alberta’s largest and fastest growing bus and freight service company.

Position: Warehouse and Bus Cleaner

Location: Edmonton

Pay: Negotiable

Job Duties:


  • Wash, disinfect, and wipe interior and exterior parts of bus.
  • Sweep and vacuum the bus floor and carpeted area, in an effective manner.
  • Gather and dispose off waste paper and trash, as per company procedures.
  • Detect and wipe off all finger marks and smudges from glass surfaces.
  • Monitor and maintain the stock level of all required cleaning supplies.
  • Clean and organize job site after completion of work.
  • Inspect and clean undercarriage and radiators of the assigned bus.
  • Collect and remove debris and garbage, in a proper manner.
  • Replace and restock supplies for passenger use, in the bus.
  • Operate appropriate cleaning equipments and utilized proper cleaning solutions.
  • Follow established safety procedures and maintained workplace safety.
  • Cleaning in the warehouse, yard, and dock area
  • Maintain cleanliness in the main entrance and parking area outside the main entrance.
  • Clean and maintain locker room and washroom including the hallway to the locker room and washrooms
  • Clean and maintain the lunchroom, including the microwave and the fridge
  • Vacuum dust and cobwebs from corners of working areas.
  • After cleaning is done, report back to Shipping supervisor for other tasks.
  • Report any equipment malfunctions.
  • Report any damage that you are aware of.
  • Report anything that is unsafe or hazardous to Manager immediately.

Main Office

  • Sweep, vacuum and clean the main office every Monday. This includes disinfecting the office tables and collecting and disposing the garbage.

Job Requirements:

  • Hands-on experience in washing and cleaning bus exteriors, interiors and upholstery
  • Immense knowledge of standard cleaning and safety procedures
  • Operational knowledge of manual wash tools, pick-up truck and portable water tank
  • Familiarity with use and inventory management of cleaning agents
  • Ability to manage and perform all tasks in normal and adverse work conditions, efficiently
  • Ability  to collect and dispose off garbage, to maintain proper hygienic environment

Contract length: 12 months

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Job Location: Edmonton
Job Type: Full Time
Job Category: Warehouse-Bus Cleaner

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